Robert Downey Jr. Becomes Tony Stark Again on the YouTube Series

MovieStarsNews – After appearing on ‘Avengers: Endgame’, Robert Downey Jr. is still greatly missed by Marvel fans. They miss seeing the character of Tony Stark with the sophistication of the latest tools.

Robert Downey Jr.

Recently Robert Downey Jr. appeared again, but not in the Marvel movie bandar kiu but through a series on YouTube titled ‘The Age of AI’. In the series, the man who is familiarly called RDJ guides a program that discusses the latest technology.

As a result, many Marvel fans feel that Robert Downey Jr. is back to Tony Starks at the event. Some even made a joke if in the series was really guided by Tony Stark who played the role of Robert Downey Jr.

“Seeing the Age of AI is only for my beloved Tony Stark. He plays RDJ (character) very well,” netizens tweeted.

“Why is the guy in Age of AL very similar to Tony Stark? He also mentioned Iron Man in the first five minutes of episode 1 and continued to use Tony as a reference. Maybe he was just very fanatic,” another tweet.

‘The Age of AI’ itself is an event created by Network Entertainment in collaboration with a team owned by Robert Downey Jr. which is associated with Sonar Entertainment.

Like not only fans who miss Tony Stark, because only through the event Robert Downey Jr. can return to being a billionaire character and technology expert in the Marvel movie.

In the show, the audience will be invited to understand and get acquainted with researchers, inventors and world leaders who have big dreams about technology and humanity.

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